About us

Hello there! 
Thank you for visiting our website and showing interest about us and our brand new company. We are Kata and Adam from Hungary, a young couple filled with positive energy and happiness and this is our project The Scratch-Off Company.
During our working years we conducted several projects at multinational companies but we were looking for a magical niche which adds value, makes people happy and we can proudly represent. After spending hundreds of hours on the couch doing researches, thinking and calculating, we couldn't find it, however it was all the time „hanging” above our heads.
A couple of weeks before Kata brought home a beautiful scratch-off world map, what we have framed and fixed on the wall always reminding us how big is the world and how many places are waiting to be explored. We were so excited about scratching-off each new country we have visited together!
At one point we realized that we like our map, we like travelling and we like the city we live, why we just do not combine all of these and create something unique?  It was the moment when the idea of The Scratch-Off Company was born.
Our scratch-off poster maps are “treasure hunts” in the cities: remarkable illustrations covered in “gold” until unexplored and revealed if you have discovered the place. After you successfully found all of them, your reward is a beautifully designed poster map decorating your wall and reminding you every time about the nice memories.
If you need motivation to reach your next destination or you would like to surprise someone with a special gift our maps will cheer up in any case.
All our scratch-off poster maps are designed by us with the help of local people to give you a bit of an authentic feeling while you are there and a small surprise each time you scratch-off the place you have seen. We hope you will be as excited as we are! We wish you a great time and adventure!
Kata and Adam